• Mark Englehart Evans

    Mark Englehart Evans

    Innovations Group @dbsbank. Ex Ad Planner and digital strategist now getting in deep with APAC fintech. #RCTID

  • Valerie Consunji

    Valerie Consunji

  • Ridge Ventures

    Ridge Ventures

    Fast, flexible & founder-focused early stage venture capital fund. Backing experienced founders redefining how the world interacts with data and code.

  • Tran Ngo

    Tran Ngo

    A startup enthusiast. Interested in the intersection of academic work and business applications.

  • Paulo J

    Paulo J

    Editor at Insignia Business Review (review.insignia.vc); writes about anything Korea, startups, science, and their intersection (if any)

  • Rhythm Bhatnagar

    Rhythm Bhatnagar

  • Suresh Jandial

    Suresh Jandial

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